US Open Live

US Open Live: 2019 US Men’s Open Final at Billy Jean King National Tennis Center in New York. Medvedev, 23 years old, will make his debut in the Grand Slam finals after having previously failed to reach even the main quarterfinals. On the other hand, Nadal will take part in the decisive match of the US Open for the fifth time (in three victories), and in the final in the 27th Grand Slam final. Nadal claws back after another grueling rally. Medvedev again takes his nose … he is not going to give up so easily. Nadal again raises the level with perfect pitch and salvo. Medvedev is 40 at first with a wild hit from Nadal. Nadal draws a level with a powerful forearm winner.

The last 33-year-old favorite won the U.S. Open in 2017 when he defeated Kevin Anderson in sets. As then, Nadal will hope for the best opponent making his last Grand Slam bow. He warmly congratulates Nadal and jokes about the video that they showed before the ceremony, which showed the victories of each of the 19 Spaniards: he thought to himself: “If I won, what would they show?

He then turned directly to the crowd, with whom he shared a somewhat antagonistic relationship during his run to the finals. I want to talk with you guys, ”says Medvedev. “I know that earlier in the tournament I said something wrong, now I want to say it well. This is because of your energy guys, I was here in the finals. Tonight I will always think about it because I played on the biggest court in the world of tennis and in the third set, when I thought what kind of speech to give me, you guys pushed me because you wanted to see more tennis and from – For you guys, I fought like hell.

Medvedev wins the first point with the winner, but Nadal scores two quick points, and he – two points from the championship. A drop in the strike to the left of Nadal leads him to 30 points, but a nimble shot with a volley of the Spaniard on the net gives him a championship point! Could this be so? Not yet! Medvedev afflicts the backhand winner early to save him for the deuce. Nadal then strikes deep into the forward winner to establish the second point in the championship, but Medvedev also retains it with a massive second serve. Now Medvedev is crushing 127 miles an hour in the middle in the middle – like a bells on the mezzanine screaming “Go Rafa!” At the height of his throw – but he follows this with another unfulfilled mistake for the other two. Now Medvedev is gaining another 127 miles per hour and this time he is holding when Nadal cannot return a running strike from the left to the court. The Spaniard will have a second chance to serve in the championship after a change of ends.

Bianca Andreescu beat Serena Williams 6-3, 7-5 on Saturday to raise the women’s title in her first major final, and Medvedev will hope that he can follow her example to defeat another legendary enemy. Nadal rolled back his watch in 2019 and hopes to complete the annual level with Novak Djokovic in two major specialties preparing for the ATP Tour finals in November.

This summer, the three-time champion was impressed with Medvedev’s uniform on the track in North America and seems to be wary of his talent, despite the fact that this is the first major finale of the Russians. -15 on the net backhand, but gets 15 and all with an extraordinary chopped left-handed shot. Now, Nadal’s clumsy blow lowers him by 15-30, but he gets 30 – with a large feed to the body, which Medvedev cannot repel. And now Nadal is preparing six hits in the base rally, and he leaves, giving Medvedev a break point and a chance to level out this fifth set. Nadal saves him with a thunderbolt to a corner that Medvedev cannot return for a deuce. Repeat software “Ra-fa!” More Ra-fa! Ra-fa! »Cascaded down from the upper deck. Now Nadal follows with the throw winner and gets the third championship point. And this time, he appeals when Medvedev sends the return for a long time!

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